About US

logo-headerLumency  creates embedded electronic and ICT solutions for smart city and smart building applications. Our aim is to help our customer base to realize their smart-concepts by supporting them with our advanced smart sensors, smart actuators and smart Gateway. So far we have implemented an integrated  smart lighting system and an environmental monitoring system. Our current smart lighting solution allows our customers to achieve important savings in their energy consumption and maintenance. For environmental monitoring applications and smart building applications, we provide advanced sensors to monitor sound pollution, air quality, temperature,humidity,light intensity, UV radiation, RF radiation, and IR radiation. Those sensors can be combined with our analytics software to automate the detection of anomalies in buildings and to help in the detection of pollution sources in city environments. Our solutions provide an open interface for integration in different  IoT platforms and thrid party software tools.

Our solutions are currently used by several companies like Interparking, TMC, UrbaWatt, Zaffer and Greenbizz. We also provide support and advice to young start ups in the IoT sector who are willing to integrate our smart sensors and actuators in their concepts.